The Go-To Places When Touring Los Angeles

There’s no such time when traveling has had as much traction as it has, compared to these recent times. Thanks to the 21-century connectivity, people are now exposed to the world that’s far and beyond in more ways than we could imagine. Finding a place that’ll inspire your next trip is only a fingertip away. Los Angeles, a city better known for being the epicenter of pop culture, is one of the most notorious tourist destinations in the United States. If you begin to add up all the remarkable places the fabulous city has, you’ll understand why it continues to melt the hearts of many. From its charming beaches, theme parks, arts, and culture, to its palm decorated streets; your visit here would leave you coming back for more. When you decide to travel to LA, you might as well do it in style. Cathay Pacific has some of the best airfare to LA from Hong Kong. So, you want to visit Los Angeles? Let’s dive deep into some incredible localities in the city that’s home to the LA Lakers.

Hollywood Symbol

This place had to top the list – it just had to; for what reason? Well, it’s because it has appeared in many films making it the quintessential emblem of Los Angeles. The Hollywood sign is one of the most recognizable things on planet earth that sits in the leagues of the Eiffel tower and statue of Liberty. It continues to receive massive traffic from tourists who visit LA. Sitting on Mount Lee in Griffith Park, both locals and tourists alike fancy hiking the mountain to admire the stellar symbol.

Walk of Fame

Sometimes, it’s next to crazy to think that a street can be that attractive to draw people from all corners of the world, just to tread on it. Don’t be mistaken though, Hollywood’s walk of fame isn’t just any other street. It’s a corridor that honors the who is who in the showbiz industry. The Terrazzo and Brass stars also don’t come cheap, costing a whopping $40,000. Every year, some 24 new celebrities obtain a unique status by having their names laid at the legendary walkway.

Rodeo Drive

When mentioned in public, the things that flash in people’s minds are dollar signs, not just supercars – but hypercars, luxury brands, and shopping bags. Rodeo Drive is probably the only street that will load your pockets with dough when you walk on it. Could it be because of the tangible opulent atmosphere? Maybe if you visit, you’ll find out why. The symmetrically aligned Palm trees give the whole place a tasty appealing mien. Sauntering these streets would be inspiring, refreshing, amusing, and will ensure you leave LA with a gift or two for your loved ones.

Petersen Automotive Museum

Now, this is what you call a place dedicated to all the automotive lovers; if you aren’t one, there’s still something for you. The unique design of this building will make anyone slip inside it, just to have a glimpse of what lies in it. That was an architectural bait created by the brilliant mind of designer Welton Becket. The Museum was birthed by Robert Petersen, a magazine publisher, together with his wife Maggie. The multimillion-dollar museum is home to some of the most iconic car brands in the world including a mouth-watering line of Porsches, 1992 Batmobile, De Tomaso Pantera, and the DeLorean Time Machine from the movie Back to the future.

Paramount Picture Studio

Sitting on an extensive 26 acres, the studio houses props, sets, and sites where major blockbusters are produced.  This is where all the Hollywood magic happens; a tour to the Paramount Studios will give you a rare view of how movies are made. Middays are always the perfect time to take a tour, you might run into some luck and catch one or two movie stars going into sets.

Pacific Coast Highway

To finish off the list is a spectacular road trip adventure on the North-South highway. As you and your friends ride in a car, the 660-mile road will lead you through unforgettable sceneries as you head to Malibu on the windy road. If you happen to take the road trip on a convertible, you’ll have hit the jackpot. The smooth Californian breeze would gently and softly brush your skin as you enjoy the picturesque views of the turquoise Pacific Ocean. There are also a couple of popular eateries on the way that are sure to perfectly complement your road trip.

Now that you’ve had a taste of LA, it’s time to pack your bag, head out, and have some fun.